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moneytime private health insurance

moneytime makes choosing private health insurance easy. With some top quality Top 10 health insurers on board, we allow you to compare health insurance policies to choose the best health cover for your needs. You can then join online immediately, with no hassle and no extra cost. With all the research done for you and found on one site, it'll take you only minutes to get the health insurance that's right for you.

It's your time and money. We help you spend them wisely.

How does moneytime compare health insurance?

At moneytime, we've partnered with a range of leading health funds to present detailed information on their current health insurance policies, health cover premiums and current special offers. Our search process will help you choose the features that are important to you, then our comparison engine will instantly search the health insurance policies available from the health funds to bring up those that match your needs.

You can then choose to compare health cover options (up to three at time) on our easy-to-read comparison table, which will give you all the details you need to make an informed decision that suits your budget, your lifestyle and your peace of mind. At a glance, you can compare:

  • different health insurance premiums and Excess options,
  • which hospital features are covered by the health funds and to what extent,
  • which extras features are covered by the health funds and the dollar amount you can claim up to,
  • whether ambulance is included as part of your health cover (except Queensland and Tasmania, where ambulance is provided by the State Government), and
  • which private hospitals have an agreement your health fund to minimise or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.

Our process is transparent and impartial, as we don't give ambiguous health insurance star ratings or prefer one health fund over another. Best of all, our service is completely free for consumers.

Feel free to contact us for help on 1300 88 26 36, we'll be happy to guide you through our site. But please remember that we do not give any specific advice on the health insurance products themselves, or their suitability to your circumstances.

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Is moneytime a registered member of PHIIA?

The Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Association (PHIIA) is a professional body that aims to establish, implement and monitor standards for independent intermediaries, agents and brokers selling private health insurance in Australia. Moneytime is pleased to be a registered member of PHIIA and compliant with its Code of Conduct.

What do we do with your information?

At moneytime, your privacy is paramount. We don't ask for any personal information until you're ready to fill out your health insurance application form, and any information you provide is kept securely in your personal mymoneytime space - for example, a copy of the brochure for the health insurance policy you've just applied for, alongside the application form you submitted. There's no need to keep paper copies any more, just login to mymoneytime to see everything you've bought or saved with us.

You can also opt not to keep your details on file with us, in which case we will store only the transaction information we are legally obliged to keep. Either way, we will never use your details for any other purpose unless you specifically allow us.

See our Privacy Section for more details.

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How does moneytime make money?

The health insurers we represent pay a fee for the business we bring them, as we provide a quality marketing channel that is an efficient way to reach people who, like you, are looking to be covered by private health insurance. The fees they pay us don't affect your health insurance premium, because all our prices are direct from the health funds to you, with no extra or hidden costs.

Your choice of health funds on moneytime is obviously limited to those health funds who are comfortable to allow their health insurance policies to be compared with other health funds, and who are prepared to pay a commission on the business that we bring them. We will also continue to work with other major organisations, companies and brands, to further broaden the range available to you from moneytime.

In the case of private health insurance policies, we are paid a commission that does not exceed 8% of the first year's premium, and that does not exceed 4% in subsequent years, in line with normal industry practice.

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How did moneytime begin comparing health insurance?

moneytime was established in 2002 by principals David Miller and Samuel Khalil, with the aim of providing a range of services to financial planners, solicitors, accountants and other professionals in the finance industry. It became apparent that the system they created would work for everyone, so we began looking at ways to present this information in a clear and self-explanatory manner that didn't need a middle-man to interpret.

And moneytime, the comparison engine, was born.

Moneytime Health is a Joint Venture between Moneytime Pty Ltd and The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia

moneytime's head office is located on Level 3, 2 Lacey Street Surry Hills NSW 2010.

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